2022 Road to State

Saturday, December 3, 2022



Important Dates

  • Online registration must be completed by Friday, October, 28, 2022 including Pre-T-Shirts Orders
  • Block Schedule Posted Monday, November 7, 2022
  • A tentative schedule will be posted by Friday, November 18, 2022 and a final schedule by Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Divisions for Competition

Divisions may be combined based on teams registered.  If you would like to compete in a higher division, please let us know when you register.

General Schedule (Tentative)

  • 7:00am Doors Open for Teams
  • Team Registration – Door 4 – Denver Coliseum
    • Waivers for all athletes need to be completed via your registration portal
    • Registration Fees must be 100% paid in order to compete
    • Escorts will meet you at Check In/Report Time to take you through the system
  • 7:30am Doors Open for Spectators/Concessions Available
  • 7:50am Report Time Begins (report to warm-up ½ hour prior to your performance time, be on time for warm-ups and come ready to compete)
  • 8:30am Competition Begins (Starting with F/JV Dance)

Block Schedule

Session 1 – F/JV Dance
Session 2 – Varsity Dance
Session 3 – F/JV/Gameday
Session 4 – V/Co-Ed Cheer

Team Entry Fees

$25 per person per routine

Sorry, no refunds. 

This dOES include Alternates

Deadline: Friday, October, 28, 2022

Are spectators allowed at Road to State?
Under current DCSD Covid mandate, spectators are allowed to attend our event wearing masks.

What is the cost of entrance?
Spectator Admission: CASH ONLY
$15.00 Adults & Students & Seniors (please encourage exact change)
5 and Under – FREE
A parent section will be created for team spectators if they wish to sit closer during their teams performance only
There is a ATM available @ Ponderosa HS

Are teams allowed to stay and watch?
Under the current DCSD Covid mandate, spectators & performers are allowed to attend our event wearing masks

Will we get a classroom for our team?
No. Teams will have designated areas within the building to put their stuff down and prep for competition.

We missed the deadline to order T-shirts for Road to State…will you have some on sight for purchase?
Yes. We ordered a small number of shirts to be sold >>> $ 20 each
Also, FINE DESIGNS will be on-site available to add to our shirts for a small fee and also sell other spirit wear.

Do we have to wear a mask on the competition floor/warm up floor?
No. But masks need to be worn within the building and during the transition time of the competition circuit

Do spectators have to wear masks?
Yes.  All staff, spectators and judges will be wearing masks.

$15.00 Adults & Students & Seniors 
$10 Seniors & Veterans
FREE – Age 5 and Under 

A parent section will be created for team spectators if they wish to sit closer during their teams performance only

  • Location: Denver Coliseum
  • 4600 Humboldt Street, Denver, Colorado 80216
  • Map Flow and Directions for Teams will be emailed with Final Schedule
  • Waivers for all participants must be completed online via the RegChamp portal.
  • Music on iPod/Phone, and several backups (iPod or phone on airplane mode preferred)…BRING DONGLE
  • Specific items for your team such as signs, etc.
  • Medical needs, trainer will be on site but you must provide your own athletic tape
  • Order forms for team pictures or event t-shirts!  No professional videotaping will be offered at this event.
  • Cheer division will start the competition; Dance divisions will conclude 
  • No saving seats
  • A parent section will be created for spectators in front of each side if they wish to sit closer during their team’s performance only.

Concessions will be provided by the Denver Coliseum

Christy Leichman Photography

Rules & Results

There have been rule and score sheet changes this year.  Make sure you read over the entire bulletin for these changes.  No video reviews at the competition.

  • Cheer Teams will perform on 9 competition strip mats…FULL COURT
  • Dancers will perform on a gym floor …FULL COURT
  • No Varsity team member may compete in the JV Invitational.  If a participant has competed, or will compete, for the 2022-2023 season as a varsity team member, they may not compete at the JV Invitational.  If you are not sure please contact us.
  • Penalty review will take place at the conclusion of each preliminary round after scores have been tabulated.
  • Reviews will take place in the warm-up gym.  The time of each review will be noted on the schedule but please listen for the exact time once each division has finished.  If you miss the review we will not come looking for you.
  • JUDGING will be scored electronically.  Scores and recap sheets will be EMAILED at the completion of the event…this includes prelim and final scoresheets.  Only penalty will serve as a paper hardcopy during penalty review. 
  • The number of placements to be awarded in each division will be determined once we see the total number of teams registered.
  • There will be NO FINALS for this event
  • CHEER Awards will take place immediately following the CHEER DIVISIONS. Floors will be flipped
  • DANCE Divisions will begin immediately and DANCE Awards will take place immediately following the conclusion all entries
  • ***Parents and fans react to the results the way that you respond or coach them to respond.  In a smaller venue, every reaction is even more obvious.  Tech judges are available to answer coaches’ questions but none of the staff will discuss results with parents.  Your professionalism at this event is appreciated.

HELPFUL TIP: Coaches: Be prepared to have all roster information for your athletes including birthdates to begin the registration process. Once your account is set up, this will only be needed once.

  • Waivers are valid, per athlete for one year

COVID-19 Updates

While the final details and schedule of any competition could require up to the day adjustments, and all  guidelines are subject to change based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), federal, state and local guidance.  Please be assured that CSCA is committed to delivering the same quality and the flexibility this will require, by accepting the Terms and Conditions as the authorized CSCA Competition Rules. 

I agree and acknowledge to abide by the COVID-19 rules that are known. We appreciate your understanding of the flexibility this will be required. By accepting the Terms and Conditions as the authorized person from my program I agree and acknowledge to abide by the COVID-19 CSCA Rules.

Current DCSD Rules imply spectator entrance into the venue, with masks.  

Contact Information


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