2022 JV Cheer Coach of the Year

2022 JV Dance Coach of the Year

2022 Perseverance Coach of the Year

2022 JV Cheer Coach of the Year

Blake Paxton

The 2022 Cheer Coach of the Year is Blake Paxton. Blake is a cheer coach at Falcon High School and has been coaching at Falcon since September 2021. Blake’s team has started off strong this season with a 1st place at PPAC and 3rd place at Road to State. Blake sees her program success as making meaningful changes to better the athletes and program in a short amount of time and her coaching philosophy is Work hard, play hard, and have a healthy balance between work and fun. Blake was nominated by multiple athletes on her current team and throughout her nominations, Blake was described as passionate, supportive, fun, and engaging all while advocating for her JV team to have the opportunity to compete. Congratulations Blake! 

2022 JV Dance Coach of the Year

Sierra Strykala-Boyd

The 2022 Dance Coach of the Year is Sierra Strykala-Boyd. Sierra is currently the JV dance coach at Cherokee Trail High School and has been with the program for 7 years. Sierra is a Cherokee Trail graduate and joined the program as an assistant coach and then moved into the Frosh coach, and has been the JV coach for 4 years now. Sierra has had many successes in her time at Cherokee Trail. She has watched previous JV athletes become varsity members winning a state title in Jazz and 3rd place in the medium jazz division at UDA nationals. This season her team has placed in the top two at all competitions in pom and jazz. As a coach, Sierra’s ultimate goal is to create a safe place for her athletes to learn, grow and flourish into mature young adults.  She believes her job as a coach is not only to help them improve as dancers but also to teach them lessons and give them tools to help them navigate through life successfully after they leave her team. Congratulations Sierra!

2022 Perseverence Coach of the Year

Michaela DeGraw

The 2022 Coach Perseverance Award has been awarded to Michaela DeGraw from Centaurus High School. Michaela has been coaching for 20 years and has spent the last 7 years coaching at Centaurus. Anyone who knows Michaela Degraw will agree that she is the perfect recipient of the Perseverance Award. Michaela puts her heart into everything she does and is recognized as hard working, selfless, and strong by her peers. Michaela brings that same passion, care, sense of humor, and dedication to every aspect of her life – wife, mom, daughter, friend, business manager, dance teacher, and coach. This past year has brought many challenges – Covid, her assistant and JV coach having to return to Australia, and her house sustaining damage in the Marshall Fire. Through all of those obstacles, Michaela brings joy, positivity, and stability to her teams. She is single-handedly coaching both JV and Varsity, maintaining high expectations, providing a space for community and connection, and preparing her team for Nationals. Michaela is a light in our coaching world and an absolute blessing to her dancers and dance families. Thank you Michaela for your commitment to your athletes and the spirit community!

The CSCA All Colorado Spirit Team

Each year, the CSCA (Colorado Spirit Coaches Association) honors student spirit leaders with the selection of the All-Colorado Spirit Team. Selection is based on talent, academic excellence, and contributions to the sport of spirit and is considered one of the highest honors given to Spirit Leaders.

Congratulations to the 2020-2021
​All Colorado Spirit Team

All Colorado Cheer

All Colorado Dance

2021 COTY (Coach of the Year) Awards

2021 JV Coach of the Year- Cheer

Connie Schubring

Rock Canyon High School

Nomination deadline is Wednesday, December 29th, 2021. 

2021 COTY (Coach of the Year) Awards

2021 JV Coach of the Year- Dance

Hallie Mansoor

Erie High School

Nomination deadline is Wednesday, December 29th, 2021. 

2021 Perseverance Award

2021 Perseverence Coaches Award

Rachel Nicholson

Ponderosa High School

Nomination deadline is Wednesday, December 29th, 2021.