Coach of the Year

Please submit your nominations for the 2018 Coach of the Year!

Each year the CSCA honors a Cheer and Dance coach as Coach of the Year. Coaches are nominated and submit their profile to the CSCA where a list is narrowed down to 3 cheer and 3 dance finalists. All members of the Coaches Association vote for the Coach of the Year.


  1. The coach is an example of commitment and dedication to school and community.
  2. The coach and their team have been successful at local, regional, league, and state competitions.


  1. Coach must be a CSCA member (if you are not sure just send their names & we can check)
  2. Coach must have coached a minimum of three years previous recipients can be nominated

The 2018 coaches of the year will be recognized at the 2018 JV/Freshman Invitational.

Click on link below to complete Coach of the Year nomination form:

Coach of the Year Nomination

Please complete your nomination form by October 30th.

If you have any questions please email

Congratulations to the 2017 Coach of the Year Winners!

Cheer: Mandy Martinez

ThunderRidge High School

Dance: Chelsea Incorvaia

Erie High School


Coaches of the Year Historical Winners

2017 CHEER: Mandy Martinez – Thunder Ridge
2017 DANCE: Chelsea Incorvaia – Erie

2015 CHEER: Stacy Deschryver – Cherokee Trail
2015 DANCE: Mia Brown – Cherokee Trail

2014 CHEER: Amanda Mundaca – Rock Canyon
2014 DANCE: Melissa Woolf – Grandview

2013 CHEER: Tobi Whitehead – Strasburg
2013 DANCE: Kay Seastone – Arapahoe

2012 CHEER: Renet Snow – Chaparral
2012 DANCE: Debbie Cooper – Evergreen

2011 CHEER: Marcia Hoerl – Grandview
2011 DANCE: Jamee Ulitzky – Grandview

2010 CHEER: Karen Bryan – Rock Canyon
2010 DANCE: Mary Ann Muniz – Regis Jesuit

2009 CHEER: Cathy Greene – Monarch
2009 DANCE: Chelsea Pierotti – Broomfield

2008 CHEER: Deanna Koepke – Littleton
2008 DANCE: Heather Sanchez – Smoky Hill

2007 CHEER: Brian Franca – Ralston Valley
2007 DANCE: Keri Trimble – Mountain Vista

2006 CHEER: Ruthanne Phillips – Broomfield
2006 DANCE: Teri Capps – Bennett

2005 CHEER: Deneen Ruiz – Pueblo South
2005DANCE: Debbie Cooper – Evergreen

2004 CHEER: Kim Richardson – Glenwood Springs
2004 DANCE: Jamee Ulitzky – Grandview

2003 CHEER: Renet Snow – Chaparral
2003 DANCE: Lee Wherry – Boulder

2002 CHEER: Sona Loomis – Liberty
2002 DANCE: Lori Wyss – Arvada West

2001 CHEER: Natalie Pramenko – Englewood
2001 DANCE: MaryAnn Wilson – Falcon

2000 CHEER: Gloria Alford – Wasson
2000 DANCE: Barb Johns – Chatfield