Education & Training

CSCA is the region’s leader in providing quality training and educational programs for Spirit Coaches & Athletes. In 2017, The Coaches Conference and Leadership Conference will again be a Combined in a one-day event on August 19th.  Learn More –>


Coaches Conference

The vision of this annual conference is marketed directly to the coach as a networking opportunity to learn first hand skills on being a better coach. The conference highlights new technical rules and developments via NFSA and a mandatory rules clinic required by CHSAA. In and out of state speakers, exhibitors highlight the latest technology and tools in successful spirit coaching.

Athlete Conference

The vision of this annual conference is to educate Spirit Leaders in the following areas: Developing and maintaining respect between teams in the spirit industry; Advocating for the sport; Being ambassadors for the team, school, and entire spirit industry; Providing formal training with skills and personal behavior/attitude; and Developing professionalism within our sport. As spirit leaders of the school, this is an excellent opportunity to reward, develop, and grow your current and upcoming spirit ambassadors.